Pullman High School Alumni Information

Web Sites for Finding PHS Classmates

  • Classreport.org's PHS site - This site was adopted by Sue Druffel (PHS Class of 1958) to use for Pullman High School Alumni to stay in touch -- she used to serve as the unofficial registrar for all PHS classes. Sue is in the process of adding the names of Pullman High School attendees for each class dating back to 1892 that were listed in the 1992 Centennial Reunion Memory book (which includes some students who attended but did not receive a PHS diploma for whatever reason -- but you still might want to find them). Some classes are also being administered by a member of that class. The site includes reunions information, news, listings of alumni, etc. Site is free, but accepts donations.
  • PullmanHigh.com - This site was started by Brad Pack (PHS Class of 1979) as a specifically PHS-oriented site. It has information on people, easy searching for classmates, reunions, news, etc. Site is free, donations accepted. It may be defunct? Not sure...
  • Other sites: Some PHS class members have registered on classmates.com or Facebook. Classmates charges a yearly fee for an account, and has about 3000 people registered. Facebook doesn't have all that many people registered (according to Brad).
  • Some classes have their own web sites:
    • Pullman High School Class of 1984 site
    • If your class has a web site and you want me to list it here, please contact me and let me know (check home page for contact information). You might also want to get it listed on the classreport and pullmanhigh sites, so people can find it... I can help with that too.

Other Related Web Sites