I'm not all that young, so from time to time I have issues with various parts of my body. To prevent these issues from becoming chronic problems, I've accumulated a set of stretches and exercises that I do on a regular basis (most are done every day, but some are less frequent). I'm not a medical professional of any sort, so don't take this as any kind of recommendation, but since friends often ask me to show them my stretches... here's my current list (updated as of April 2022):

  1. Standing Achilles tendon stretch ("Floor stretch" on this Achilles exercise page)
  2. Standing quadriceps stretch ("Standing stretch" on this quad stretch page, usually modified to rest the foot on the back of a sofa rather than pulling with the hand)
  3. Side leaning Iliotibial band stretch (#3 on this ITB stretches page)
  4. Something similar to Triangle pose (#9 on this page of heart-opening yoga poses)
  5. Eccentric heel raises for Achilles/calf strengthening
  6. Hamstring stretch, standing with leg up on something ("Easy hamstring stretch for athletes" on this page on hamstring stretches)
  7. Standing ITB stretch ("Standing" stretch on this page on ITB stretches)
  8. Doorway pectoral stretch
  9. Hands behind back pectoral stretch (#3 under "Opening your chest" on this page of pec stretches)
  10. The arm portion of Eagle pose (see this page on Eagle pose)
  11. Shoulder reach ("Hands grabbing behind back" on this page of shoulder stretches)
  12. Hamstring stretch, lying on floor with leg up in doorway ("Wall hamstring stretch" on this page on hamstring stretches)
  13. Wall or curb Achilles stretch (see this page describing the stretch)
  14. Foam roller wall slide (slide 4 on this page of shoulder exercises for osteoarthritis)
  15. Foam roller wall slide, like previous exercise, but out to the side instead of in front
  16. Head tilt to side, ear to shoulder (#3 on this page on head stretches; I find it's helpful to hold onto the side of the chair with the opposite hand)
  17. Additional variations on the head tilt: with head tilted to the side, turn to look up, and turn to look down
  18. Turn head to one side and then lower chin so you're looking diagonally down ("Base of skull neck rotation stretch" on this page of neck stretches)
  19. Lie on back on exercise ball (#1 under "Stretching on the ball" on this page on using an exercise ball for lower back pain)
  20. Side lying on exercise ball
  21. Knee to chest stretch (#1 on this page of lower back stretches)
  22. Reclined Pigeon pose (#8 on this page of lower back stretches)
  23. Like Reclined Pigeon pose, but instead of pulling on the back leg, push on the front one, with the back foot flat on the floor
  24. Stomach crunches ("Crunch" on this page of abdominal exercises)
  25. Start with both knees to chest. Alternate extending legs out, keeping low back firmly on the floor.
  26. Split Tabletop pelvic floor exercise ("Split Tabletop" on this page of pelvic exercises)
  27. Bridge pose (#4 on this page of heart-opening yoga poses)
  28. Plank (#2 under "Improving your posture" on this page of pec stretches)
  29. Lying down tensor Fasciae Latae stretch (second option on this page of TFL stretches)
  30. Supine spinal twist (#5 on this page of heart-opening yoga poses)
  31. Sleeper stretch (see this page on the sleeper stretch)
  32. Reverse sleeper stretch -- push the arm so it rotates the other way
  33. Child's pose (#6 under "Opening your chest" on this page of pec stretches)
  34. Sphinx pose (#3 on this page of heart-opening yoga poses)
  35. Spinal twist, sitting on knees
  36. Kneeling lunge (see this page on kneeling lunge)
  37. Various shoulder physical therapy strengthening exercises with weights and resistance bands
  38. Standing leg pulls with resistance bands