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11 Mar, 2010

I listened to BBC radio during lunch today, and this story made me cry: Risking life to go to school. So if you are feeling up for hearing about the things that some kids have to go through just to attend school, check it out.... Be sure to listen to the audio half-way down the page, which has children in Bristol, England, and Kabul, Afghanistan, talking to each other about the importance of education and what they must risk to go to school.

1 Mar, 2007

I've become increasingly troubled by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) lately, and I have come to think that it is a major threat to democracy in the United States. Here are some thoughts. Note that the activities described below have spanned the entire existence of the CIA, and have not been limited to the direction of one President or one political party.

2 Feb, 2007

I have been thinking lately about terminology in use by the news media and politicians, as related to the basic concepts of peace, human rights, and social justice. Here are some thoughts:

3 Oct, 2006

In a previous post, I wrote about some of the reasons why I do not think that world peace is possible. But some days I have more hope about it.

10 Aug, 2006

Terrorism was in the news today (the U.K. apparently broke up a plot to blow up commercial trans-Atlantic flights)... it got me thinking about the question of whether it is possible to achieve peace in the Middle East, and the world in general. Here are a few thoughts.